Orion Pulsar

Variable Speed Drives

Fixed Speed Drive
for asynchronous motor
Fixed Speed Drive with soft start
for asynchronous motor
Variable Speed Drive for asynchronous
and permanent magnet motors

Technical characteristics

Motor capacity
Up to 680HP @ 50Hz
Rated voltage
380/480 V (50/60 Hz)
Primary current
160-2000 A
Temperature range
-76 – 122 °F

Design features

Access to the control panel parameters with the locked door
Energy consumption control
Switching device 160А, 250А, 400А, 630А, 800А, 1000А, 1200А, 1400А, 1600А, 1800А, 2000А
Overall dimensions (HxWxL)/weight: starting from 6x3x2ft./298lbs to 7x4x4.3ft/1,65t