Orion Pulsar

SKID-Mounted VSD


The high-voltage control unit is designed to protect and control submersible three-phase asynchronous and permanent magnet motors as the part of an electric submersible pump installation for oil production

Operation conditions

Climatic performance - Т1.

Ambient temperature: -10 to +50 °С (maximum permissible: +60 ° С).

It is possible to manufacture plants for operation at temperatures from minus 50 to plus 50 ° C at the request of the customer.

The upper value of the relative humidity is 100% (at the temperature of +25 °C).

According to the content of corrosive agents, the atmosphere is of type II.

Atmosphere pressure:

  • lower value of atmospheric pressure – 0.84 bar;
  • the upper value of atmospheric pressure is 1.067 bar.

Altitude - no more than 1000m.

Degree of protection


The operating mode is continuous. Permanent presence of staff not required.

The design and layout of the main elements

The installation casing is made in the form of a welded, frame carcass of the container type.

1. Step-down high voltage transformer compartment
2. Carcass
3. Step-down high voltage transformer compartment
4. Step-Up Transformer
5. VSD control and monitoring compartment
6. Step-Down Transformer

Key specifications

Power Supply Parameters:

rated voltage, V 33000 ±15%
rated frequency, Hz 50 ±1
rated current, A 4,37
rated power, kVA 250
immunity to distortion of the sinusoidal voltage of the supply network, not more than,% 20
number of input voltage regulation steps 5

Power parameters of the VSD (six-pulse or twelve-pulse rectifier):

rated voltage, V 480
permissible deviation of the supply voltage,% –20 ÷+15
rated frequency, Hz 50 ±1
rated power, kVA 200

Submersible motor power parameters:

output voltage, V 0÷3500
range of regulation of the output frequency, Hz
    for asynchronous motor 1÷80
    for permanent magnet motor 1÷200
maximum permissible value of frequency deviation, Hz ±0,15
output current, A 0÷56
number of steps for regulating the output voltage (step x%) 25х4
distortion coefficient of the sinusoidality of the output voltage curve, not more than,% 5

Options for power supply:

rated voltage, V 380
rated current, A 69,6
rated power, kVA 50