Orion Pulsar

Surface equipment is designed to power supply and control the operation of downhole equipment.

Variable Speed Drive (VSD) plays a great role in oil production. It is a sort of mediator between the electricity supply center and the electric motor. Its basic function is to control the flow of energy and regulate the power that is driven to the motor. Hence, you can run an AC motor at the required speed.

The role of a high voltage control unit is to protect and control submersible three-phase asynchronous and permanent magnet motors.

The key advantages


Higher efficiency

AC motors need the right speed or torque to work efficiently. Variable speed drive guarantees «speed control» and ensures top performance of the ESP system.


Significant savings

With a surface oil equipment of high quality, you reduce the stress on the equipment. Besides, the whole process can be automated, thus saving labor costs.


Environmentally friendly

ESP systems produce less waste with the help of a variable speed drive. VSD also helps to lower noise pollution. This way you care about the environment.