Orion Pulsar

Downhole Sensor

Optimize the performance of ESP system

Downhole sensor's role is to estimate and transmit the data from the electrical submersible pump (ESP) to the surface where it can be analyzed and used to improve system's efficiency.

Key advantages of downhole sensors


Prolonged ESP run life

Downhole sensor provides reliable information
for protection and control of ESP. This way the motor
lasts longer and works more efficiently


Accurate data for the best performance

Measure insulation resistance,
pump intake pressure and temperature
to optimize production

Key Specifications

Pump intake pressure
4 — 5800 (8702) psi ± 0.5 % FS
Pump intake temperature
32 - 347°F ±1 % FS
Pump discharge pressure
4 — 5800 (8702) psi ± 0.5 % FS
Motor temperature (motor oil)
32 - 482°F ±1 % FS
Motor vibrations (X, Y, Z)
≈ 49.1 m/s2 ±5 % FS
Insulation resistance
0-9999 КОhm